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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Proud of My Baby Girl

I'm so proud of my baby girl! We've received two report cards so far this school year and she's made all "A"s! Also found out that she is excelling in reading and math. As of right now, she is at a 2.8 (2nd grade, 8th month) level in math. Now this is the kicker!... for reading, she is at a 5.7 level! I was shocked! Mind you, she's only in the 1st grade and she's reading at a 5th grade, 7th month level. The teacher also told me that she has the highest reading level in the class right now. It gets better... Teacher said that if she keeps doing this well the rest of the school year, she'll be given an IQ test. Now, if her test score is high enough, she'll be assigned a gifted teacher to work w/ her a little each day during next school year.

I hope she does this good through out school. I want her to be able to have her pick of colleges. I'd perfer her not to make the mistakes I did when I was in high school. I want her to make something of herself. For me to help her to become what she was meant to be and make a difference in this world... THAT will be my greatest accomplishent in my life.


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